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Lafayette's Halotherapy Center

Bringing Dry Salt Therapy to Acadiana since 2019


What is a
Salt room?

There are so many thoughts that come to mind when trying to describe the benefits to body and mind when explaining our salt room, or salt cave.


You truly have to experience it for yourself to understand. Respiratory care, skincare, and self-care can all be aided by spending 50 minutes in our room!


How do you take your salt?

Share the Cave

A shared experience where you'll share the cave with five others! It's quiet and relaxing. Find out more below.

Reserve the Cave

A private experience! Have the cave to yourself, have a team-building retreat, or share with a few friends. 

Infrared Salt Booth

Heat paired with salt, what more could you ask for! This experience is has so many benefits for mind and body.

Half & Half

This is truly the best of both worlds! Lay in the salt cave and spend time in our sauna. You'll leave refreshed and ready to face the day.


Massage Therapy

Salted Massage

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to bringing our clients ways to de-stress and recenter. Our mission on the path to internal and external wellness continues as we add Massage Therapy to our list of services. 


The Salted Massage includes 60 minutes of professional therapeutic massage paired wonderfully with 30 minutes of relaxing halotherapy.

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WE have something for everyone

Our Bonus Services

  • Reiki Healing 

  • Wellness Workshops

  • Regression Hypnotherapy

  • Breath work

  • And More

What others are saying

Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy

The ancient Greeks believed that sound has healing powers. Sound has been used throughout the years to boost morale and lighten moods all over the world.

Come join us on our sound bathing journey. Let the vibrations from the music soothe your soul and help you towards inner peace!


My new favorite place in Lafayette is a little hidden gem 💎 that I can’t believe we have been having since 2019! I have been making weekly visits here and it’s SOOO healing. The best time of my week is going here to sit, meditate and connect for 1 hour. It’s @acadianasalt if you want to check them out! 🧂🤍🧂🤍🧂


"Perfect place to relax and push pause on life. Also it’s helped me with my asthma"


"We recently moved from out of town and are so happy that there is a salt cave right down the street. The group/private salt sessions are a steal for $75. Marta is a pleasure to talk to and is very knowledgeable about salt tharapy!


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