Meet JOlee

Jolee is a mother, compassionate nurturer, and gardener. She has over 10 years of massage therapy experience. This includes breathwork, subtle body, trauma release, trigger point therapy, energetic cleansing, yoga massage and deep relaxation therapy. She provides therapeutic space for individuals to relax in to their own selves in the holistic environment of the Lafayette Salt Cave.


Daily, we have exposure to a world that stimulates the many systems that make our bodies whole. Not every stimulant works in our highest alignment.


By taking the time to treat our body, mind, and spirit with deep therapeutic relaxation of professional massage therapy we are allowing our bodies to reset to their true blueprint of self and cancel out some or all of the stimulants that are not serving our highest good


Therapeutic Massage provides the physical body with the environment for beneficial change or support on current healing practice.


Healing is simply the restoration of wellbeing on an individual level.

Receiving regular professional massage has been proven to facilitate growth, increase attentiveness and learning, alleviate pain, decrease stress and improve sleep, mobility, and range of motion. Receiving regular massage also contributes to improved immune function, reducing stress, promoting healing of post-operation, support of breathing patterns, and digestion. Professional massage also helps in lowering blood pressure, anxiety, and hostility levels. Promoting increases job performance and overall health and well-being.