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This year has definitely been a challenge! Here in Louisiana we just experienced a second hurricane in the last 8 weeks. COVID crisis. Mandates and politics.

To be honest, there is a big financial challenge for this little salt center to survive. It’s tough everywhere, and we are all facing the challenges surrounding us. Trying to bring interest to such a subtle, muted, gentle, yin experience has been a process. Free demos, free plus one on all standard sessions. Group sessions for businesses. Education of the interested, “you mean I just sit there?”, “What are the benefits of salt therapy?”, and other questions answered, but each person comes in for their own reasons. We have brought in specialties, sound practitioners, yogis and other specialists for themed events.

My inspiration and faith are big, as I challenge myself to see this year through at the salt cave. I want to spend more time there, greeting new clients, and friends, keeping this healthy activity around for us. I am about to organize a 10-pack pricing point, that can help everyone, I hope. Im challenging myself to sell 10 of these packages for just $100. That would really help. These will be useful for any session, and expire December 31, 2020. With hopes to see everyone in the brighter future of 2021, of course! I wanted to share with the friends of the salt cave that read the website first. Remember the coupon codes. Thanks for your support.

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