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Freedom Fridays

Getting excited to meet up with everyone again after quarantin! I am also trying to transition everything over here to the website. So booking is on here now, yes, sorry you need to register/sign in. (But no need for you to download wix app!) I haven’t actually had a bona fide registered reservation yet on there though, so I’m hoping that we can make this transition easy! The website is home made, on wix, I am learning how to arrange things, and there’s a picture catalogue of products. I took the pics, learned how to transfer them from phone and camera, it’s been a fun challenge! Well, here’s me blathering on and on about myself! Here’s a topic for forum if y’all want to join the blog: Let‘s change “dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t“ attitude! “Blessed in all reactions to every experience in this worldly life!” (Not too catchy) help out! i can’t blast into everyone’s reactions, and never would! the awareness and interactions of different types of cultures, people on a mass scale is making history.

So these are safe, private sessions, you may have some type of release or reaction here. Sleep, tears, deep trance meditation, joy and laughter are common. If you come with a group, notice how the energy shifts in to low gear, try sitting in silence with your group, or chat as normal! The energy of people relaxing as a group is such a blessing, shout out to why we all love Sound Bath Meditation with ABBY MEAUX CONQUES and LOIS STAGG!😍🥰😘😀

😃well soon I will learn how to promote this blog, for any one who wants to join in the conversation! Long story short! Freedom Fridays represents a welcome back! And we are free from lockdown! And it’s new and different here, but we shift and make things work! also, feel free to yoga in there, drum in there, sing/chant, bowls, bells, gongs! max capacity for group: 9. Donations accepted in the basket, or PayPal. See you soon! Book on website please! Air hugs!

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