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March Sound Bath Letter from Lissee

Hello Everyone——

Below is our Sound Bath Schedule for the month of March. Lois came up with a great idea and we will try it out. Now some of the Sound Baths will be regular events, on the same day, every week or once each month on the same day.

So, that being said:

***There will now be a Sound Bath every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM at Lafayette Salt Cave with either Lois or Lissee playing.

***A new monthly DAY class has been added at Little Creek Yoga/Camellia House (Wednesday—3/10 @ 9:30 AM) This class begins with a Gentle Stretch and then the regular Sound Bath. Class is with Lois and Lissee.

***The usual twice monthly Gentle Stretch and Sound Bath class is now the last Tuesday evening of the month at Align Pilates Studio at 5:45 PM.


Wednesday 3/3/21 6:00 PM—Lafayette Salt Cave——----------------Lois Stagg

Sunday 3/7/21 4:00 PM—-Lafayette Salt Cave———————-Lissee Spiller

Tuesday 3/9/21 7:15 PM —Little Creek Yoga/Camellia House—Lois Stagg

Wednesday 3/10/21 9:30 AM—Little Creek Yoga/Camellia House—Lissee Spiller and Lois Stagg

Wednesday 3/10/21 6:00 PM—Lafayette Salt Cave——————— Lissee Spiller

Wednesday 3/17/21 6:00 PM—Lafayette Salt Cave———————Lois Stagg

Tuesday 3/23/21 7:15 PM—Little Creek Yoga/Camellia House—Lois Stagg

Wednesday 3/24/21 6:00 PM—Lafayette Salt Cave———————Lissee Spiller

Sunday 3/28/21 10:00 AM—Acadiana Yoga and Wellness--------Abby Meaux-Conques

Tuesday 3/30/21 5:45 PM-- Align Pilates Studio———————Lissee Spiller

Wednesday 3/31/21 6:00 PM—Lafayette Salt Cave———————Lois Stagg


If anyone has any questions feel free to use above address to e-mail or call me, Lissee Spiller @ (337) 278-6677 or Lois Stagg @ (337) 371-1168. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who you feel would be interested. Thank you. Y’all mark your calendars now and we look forward to seeing you at the Sound Baths during March. Lissee **********To register for classes and for further information:*********** located in the Oil Center ($20.00/class—pre-registration required) located on Albertsons Parkway in Broussard ($25.00/class --no pre-registration) located on Johnston St. near South College Rd ($25.00/class—pre-registration suggested) located in Camellia House on Jefferson St. (donation/class—no pre-registration) located in New Iberia

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