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Prime Daytime Hours coming soon!

We are so excited to be able to add and offer daytime salt sessions again! Look for booking requests in the "services" section soon. These will be private sessions, with standard and group rates, (including half and half and sauna). The rates will be exclusive of any current "salt club" memberships, and minimum 24 hour prior notice. Big thanks to Roselle for helping this section open up! So happy to be able to share the salt with more amazing people around here! Prime time rates will be a bit more than the current "COVID" rates that are currently running till the end of May. (and all of our rates will be adjusted May 31, to allow us to "keep the salt lamps on" and pay rent around here~!)

Come play in the salt and unplug from the rest of the world for an hour! You will be glad you did it!

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