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Starting out slowly after quarantine

Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be able to write an update and let everyone know how things are going to be changing going forward! Here's the website, I made it, it's far from perfect, as I am learning as I go on how to set these things up! (Even with a wix website builder, took me 5 weeks to get this far.) What am I excited about? Well, I've never had a picture inventory, virtual "store" online before. And even though currently I have a small amount of inventory in 17 categories, that is what took me the longest to figure out. Pictures don't do these lamps and salt crystal items justice, you probably know that, but it's a good starting out point, if you are interested in browsing the retail options available. The booking options are all going to be here on the website now. I think this will be good for us. I will ask everyone to sign a new waiver as you come in, even if you already had one in the previous booking software. If it's a group, I will ask each person in the group to sign, just to stay covered. I hope you understand. Right now, there are only 2 services available, the private sessions. One day soon, we will be able to host live music soundbath meditations again. I know many of you are looking forward to that. All previously sold gift cards will be honored through their expiration date. (1 year after issue). Gift cards will still be available for services, that will be next up in my self-training on the new booking system. OH YES! The salt cave's phone number has changed. You can locate the new number in the contact info on the page, or here it's just 337-428-2283. It's 337-428-CAVE. So easy to remember for all your salty inquiries! Hope this message finds you well. Call or email me any time, here's the email address if you need it, . Have a great day! See you soon!

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