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Share the Cave


what do you know about halotherapy?

What to expect

During this session, you can expect the share the cave with other individuals. You can book as many chairs in the room as you'd like! If you're booking five or more people, we recommend booking the Reserve the Cave, it's more economical!

For the enjoyment of all of our guests, we're pretty strict about our shared experience. A few things to note:

- Shoes are not allowed in the cave
- Socks must be worn at all times while in the cave. If you forget, we have you covered!
- There is no talking or noise during our shared sessions
- Restricted to ages 16 and older


We request that you come to your appointment a few minutes early to get checked in, grab some water or tea, and start to wind down before going into the cave. We'll give you a rundown of how it works and what you can expect during and after your salty endeavor.

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