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Best of both Worlds


what do you know about halotherapy?

What to expect

This is a great way to spend an hour at the salt cave! Start with the 30-minute Infrared Salt Sauna session, and finish with 30 minutes of chill, salty halotherapy. ​

Our infrared sauna has a cool pink Himalayan salt floor.  It is a single-person sauna booth, with multi-colored lights and speakers to enhance your sensory experience.  Bath sheet towels are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.  You have control of the temperature at all times.  The targeted "sweet spot" is said to be 135 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 25-35 minutes.  This, of course, can vary per individual taste.  In the privacy of the sauna room, clients disrobe completely or wear a swimsuit for this part.  (every inch of the skin will be drenched in sweat)

The other half is the salt session (30 minutes of halotherapy). After you have melted all of your cares away, it is a complementary contrast to get dressed and cuddle up with a silk blanket in the salt cave.  Socks are required for this part.  Relax directly on the cool pink salt bed, as if you were lying on a beach, or float away to the ethers in a zero gravity chair while the halogenrator vents pharmaceutical-grade Himalayan salt into the air.  Soothing spa music is played.  It is fun to make designs in the salt or pour handfuls of the salt ASMR style from one hand to the other.  Some find this a perfect time for a cat nap.  You may choose to meditate, read a book, or use headphones on your personal device.  

Afterward, make sure to hydrate!  Keep that pure water running through your system for optimum benefits.  The blissful anti-stress feeling can linger for up to 48 hours.  There are many health benefits as well! Sauna sessions are not advised for certain medical conditions and pregnancy.  Always check with your physician first when concerned! 

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