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End of Summer 2020

Here’s the news from the Salt Cave!

  • salt shaker

  • sauna sessions

  • secret “menu” item saltnsweat 1/2 and 1/2

  • Freedom Fridays ending

  • gap week

  • fall opening

This will be a special offering small group event focusing properties of vibrations in wellness and feeling great! maximum 5 per session, so 2 times are offered! personally I’ve seen more results from working out with added vibrations at Vibrafit this summer, that I can’t quit talking about it. we Think the salt and “shaking” (vibration) will be a cool blend here.

Salt Sauna is ready for you. The sessions are designed for 30 minutes which, unless you are used to it, you must build up to staying in for that long. Packages available.

saltnsweat secret menu: $35, you get a mini salt session (22 minutes) and a full sauna session (30 minutes). this option Is based on availability of the salt cave at the time of your sauna sessions.

Thanks to all who participated and donated to helping the salt cave stay alive and well! It’s been fun meeting new clients This way! Well there are 2 more Fridays in July, come and bring your friends.


Fall schedule starts Saturday August 8th. Look for “in person“ and virtual sound bath meditation events! More pop up activities for all ages like the ”salt shaker”!

Evening and weekend hours expand in the fall, and there are usually a couple of days “lunch hour” appointments that we offer.

Hope everyone is well, and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Marta Wallace Ellinger


Lafayette Salt Cave


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