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Fall 2020

I actually took a fall yesterday. Walking across the street, a lady turned left into the crosswalk, and bonked my body with her car, knocking me down to asphalt on my hands and knees. I thought she would swerve to avoid me. She didn’t. People stopped at the red light, got out of their cars to check on me. So thankful for kind people! So thankful for the never ending protection of God! I didn’t ask for her information. I told her to watch where she is going! And we all left the intersection. I still proceeded on foot. Around 1/4 mile. I’m forgiving the lady and moving on!

I’m still checking on my knee with caution, but mostly feel like I will be fine in a few days! I’m still so excited for the soundbath tomorrow night! And my pulsefit schedule had to be bumped, but all good! And well, I’m taking a few days off of my “walk to work for a month” challenge that I was working on this month.

This week, I am organizing some 1 year anniversary “salt cave birthday“ specials! These will start Saturday the 19th! we will get them up to website soon!

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