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To don’t list...lister confession 1

These few days after finalizing school for the summer, had my gears all spinning and all sorts of little tasks to see about. I did make some progress, as you see. I feel like its fair to erase and start over now that I’m blogging about it.

I made the website and started blogging, so sharing out little by little will be good For me!

Well best laid plans...notice the rock tumbler on the desk. I had to find out if that still worked (it doesnt, motor stalled), take the whole thing apart to find that out. That lead me back to my orgonite pyramid epoxy resin kit/made a new pyramid(pics soon), started research on buying bigger mold, (ordered some cool crystal / rock shapes) and ended up spending all day yesterday researching how to make the silicone mold out of caulk, and a casting/molding event is currently in progress here. A cone, made of a paper funnel and soap base that I melted, will be the positive form that I will use for the cast. I can’t wait!

Theres a build at the sc, not really a build, but a kit box salt infrared booth and a free standing room divider so I can have an “office” area for storage/office equipment.

oh and not even on the list is the new forms, I’m switching some things up this summer. Simplifying. Making it work better for everyone! (I hope) suggestions are welcome! What do y’all want to see in the salt cave?

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